Vellu Fabric and Dye

bamboo trees

Our Fabric

At Vellu we believe that the clothes you wear should not only look damn good, but they should do good too. We chose our bamboo satin for the base of all our clothing because:

  1. Bamboo is a totally renewable resource! Growing bamboo takes up very little space because the crops are so dense, bamboo cleans the air by producing 40% more oxygen than a hardwood forest, and the plant literally grows like weeds - up to 47 inches in a day! That is nearly 4ft!!!

  2. Bamboo fabric is great for your skin! Bamboo is naturally soft which is great for being delicate on your skin and hair, is hypoallergenic, helps to naturally regulate body temperature, and is antimicrobial.

  3. Bamboo biodegrades naturally! We know that one day - in the very far off future- you will no longer need the garments that we make. Rather than sitting forever in a landfill, Bamboo fabric has been shown to naturally biodegrade in 4-6 months.

We are on a mission to make this planet a better, more sustainable and sexier place. Help us spread this vision by getting your piece of Vellu today… made from Bamboo Satin.

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Our Dye

Vellu’s ice dye powder is made up of multiple color pigments mixed together to create a single hue. By letting that powder be mixed with water the dye becomes a single unified color, but when the dye powder is separated over ice you get something completely different. When the hidden pigments in the powder dye meet the piece of clothing individually via water from the ice melt, each pigment in the dye has the opportunity to shine and blend in its own way. Because of this, no two pieces of ice dyed clothing will be alike. In fact, you might see dots of red appear from black dye used to create our Fog color clothing, and specks of blue appear from purple dye in our Sunset color clothing.

For something extra special, check out our Ice Dye Sunset Farrah Short which the Vellu team hand ice dyed on the patio of Penthouse 64 at the Chateau Marmont! (We have a limited supply, and one they’re gone they are gone.)