Ice Dye at the Chateau

A lot of things have happened in the Penthouse of the Chateau Marmont…

But we’re guessing it is the first time anyone has ice dyed bamboo satin shorts on the balcony!

LIMITED EDITION OF 120 VELLU FARRAH SHORTS IN ICE DYE SUNSET, hand-dyed by Troy, Kyra, Scarlett and Zena

Our crew rented the iconic penthouse and sunny balcony, loaded suitcases full of ice, and dyed our shorts on-site…..

Vellu ice bath party with models.
Vellu ice dyed shorts, pink and purple.
Neon sign, at night, for the "Garage at Chateau Marmont".

Suitcase full of bags of ice.
Exterior photo of Chateau Marmont
Vellu models dying garments with ice dye.