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Luxurious 100% Bamboo Satin

Carefully crafted in partnership with Mother Earth

Made in Los Angeles

Eco-Friendly, Ethical, and Deathly Sexy

Vellu product tag on garment.

Bamboo Satin

Vellu’s Bamboo Satin is carefully crafted with the earth in mind. We chose to use thread made from long bamboo fibers spun together in a way that enhances the sheen of each thread. After those long bamboo threads have been spun, they are woven together using a gorgeous satin weave that creates a radiant glimmer. Why did we choose this 100% sustainable fabric?

Vellu Fabric
Vellu ice bath party with models.


Vellu’s unique and ethereal ice dyed garments are one of a kind with each garment revealing a different expression of color. Ice dying is the art of placing ice cubes on top of fabric, sprinkling dye powder on top of ice, and then letting the sun and the melting process of the ice dictate how the dye splits and bleeds. Learn more about our process…

Vellu Dye
Neon sign, at night, for the "Garage at Chateau Marmont".

Ice Dye at the Chateau Marmont

Our crew rented the iconic penthouse and sunny balcony, loaded suitcases full of ice, and dyed our shorts on-site…..

See what happend
Women wearing Vellu tank outside shading her eyes with her hand.

Nothing is more beautiful than the female form. That philosophy is the foundation of everything done at Vellu. Our mission is to provide hyper feminine clothing that flatters every form, and honors the beauty of Mother Earth through sustainable business practices.

Vellu dress wearing women at indoor music event.

We are on a mission to make sustainability sexy, and to do so in a way that promotes the health of the planet, as well as the health of American Woman owned businesses. We believe what we are creating looks good, and we know from founder to factory to final product, that our line does a lot of good for the world in which we live.

Kyra Rehman, Founder

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